Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY Girl's Dress: The Aurthi

One of my all-time favorite patterns is the Aurthi. Leave me a comment if you'd like a link to the pattern.

This pattern holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the first patterns I ever used and it really ignited my passion for sewing.

You may have seen my previous Aurthi post here.  If not, be sure to check it out!

Why else do I love it?  Well, it is incredibly simple and fast to sew.  I'm a big fan of simple and fast.

This particular Aurthi was made for PiePie to wear to her good friend's circus-themed birthday party last July.  I started and finished the dress the night before the party.  Procrastination at its best my friends.

The Aurthi is definitely a beginner-friendly pattern as there are only 2 pieces of fabric to sew together for the most basic version.  

For this particular Aurthi, you can see that I added a ruffle trim.  Instructions for adding trim and other options for the pattern are detailed in the tutorial.

 My favorite part about the Aurthi is the fact that it's a pinafore.  The back doesn't actually close so it is great for hot Summer weather. 

Because of the design, it is also a piece that can be worn as the child grows.  PiePie wore this particular Aurthi all last Summer, then through the Winter paired with leggings and a long-sleeve tee.  Now, as the weather warms up, she's wearing it again!


  1. This is adorable!! I am a fan of Tikatuly also.

  2. She looks sooo cute in that dress. The prints are so much fun.

  3. This turned out soooo incredibly cute!!!

  4. I do enjoy this pattern line

  5. This is super cute! I have never seen this pattern before; something new to add to my buy list :)

  6. So very sweet. I love me a darling pinafore! This was the most viewed link at Inspire Us Thursday and will be tomorrow's feature. Thanks so much for linking up.

    1. Oh wow! This puts a big smile on my face. It's been a terrible week for us.

  7. Love this dress !thank you for sharing ! I would love to try to make one .may I have the link to the pattern please, thanks !