Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY Women's Dress: The Caroline Party Dress

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Nothing better than being able to sew a cute fashionable dress, right?  Total cost for my dress: $3.50.  You can't beat that!  The pink fabric and lining fabric were $1 each at the thrift store.  The zipper was the priciest item at $1.50.

This dress was made using the Mouse House Creations Women's Caroline Party Dress pattern.  I absolutely love this pattern and I think that everyone should have it!

(image credit: Mouse House Creations)


  1. Darling dress and amazing price tag!

  2. I love that you made this for such a steal. This is my favorite color to wear. You did a beautiful job. :)

  3. It's a favorite dress! i really like the shades.
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